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Utsunomiya Family's graveyard

Japan Heritage
This is the Utsunomiya family's graveyard, located on the grounds of the Obadera. This graveyard was established by Utsunomiya Tomotsuna, the third head of the family. Although the power of the Utsunomiya family was ended, and members were deprived of their family territories by Toyotomi Hideyoshi at a later date, the successive heads of the family continued to be worshipped.
The heads of the Utsunomiya family, from Utsunomiya Soen, the first head of the family, to Utsunomiya Masatsuna, the 33rd, are interred in this graveyard. There are thirty-three grave markers (of which 29 are gorin-tou, stone markers composed of five stones piled one upon another). They have been designated tangible cultural properties by Tochigi Prefecture.
941 Kamioba Mashiko Town Tochigi Prefecture
Japan Heritage