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The Higeta Indigo-Dye Studio

Japan Heritage
The Higeta Indigo-Dye Studio (the Higeta family's residence (also used as dye studio), indigo-dye vats and natural dyeing technique)
The Higeta Indigo-Dye Studio has been operating for generations, since it was founded in the Edo period (1603 - 1868). The Higeta Indigo-Dye Studio, as part of the Mingei (fork-crafts) Movement, has been producing various types of Mingei-style dyed textiles, including some dyed using indigo-dyeing and some colored using other natural-dyeing techniques. The Higeta family's residence and the indigo-dye vats have been designated as tangible cultural properties by Tochigi Prefecture.
1 Jonaizaka Mashiko Town Tochigi Prefecture
Japan Heritage