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The Main Gate of the Hōdai-in Temple

Japan Heritage/Architecture/Shrine/Temple
The Hōdai-in is a Buddhist temple of the Sōtō sect founded by the Buddhist priest Chikuōenbu. Keizaburō Ōtsuka, the originator of Mashiko Pottery, received an education at a private elementary school that held classes at this temple. The temple's four-legged style main gate is made entirely of hinoki cypress. The ceiling of the gate is adorned with a picture of a heavenly maiden. The gabled roof was originally thatched with grass, but changed into copper tile roofing at a later date in a refurbishment project. The pillars and tie beams that connect the tops of the pillars are decorated with magnificent relief work. The main gate of the Hōdai-in Temple has been designated a tangible cultural property by Kasama City.
2458-2 Hakoda Kasama City Ibaraki Prefecture
Japan Heritage/Architecture/Shrine/Temple