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Monument in Honor of Tomosaburo Tanaka

Japan Heritage
Tomosaburo Tanaka, who is revered as the potter who revived Kasama Pottery, began using the Kasama-yaki Pottery brand for shipments of tea jars to Yokohama. The selection of his works for a prize at the Second National Industrial Exhibition prompted him to continue participating in other competitive exhibitions with other potters, and spread recognition of Kasama Pottery.
Tanaka also established a pottery-making association and a pottery training center, and otherwise devoted himself to the revival of Kasama Pottery.
This monument was erected by local potters to honor the contribution which Tanaka made to the prosperity of Kasama Pottery in 1900, when he turned 60. It was moved to its present location upon completion of the construction of Crafthills Kasama in 1998.
Japan Heritage