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The Main Hall of the Kasama Inari-jinja Shrine

Japan Heritage/Architecture/Shrine/Temple
Legend holds that the Kasama Inari Shrine was originally founded in the Hakuchi era (650 - 661). Since then, people have fervently worshipped at the Shrine as the abode of the deity who is responsible for the promotion of industry. It is built in the gongen style, a style of shrine architecture in which a hall of worship is connected to the main hall by a paved room. Its appearance was decorated with elaborate and delicate yet splendid carvings. The main hall building, including the engravings, is not colored and is made entirely of hinoki cypress, in keeping with the characteristics of shrine architecture built in the late Edo period.
1 Kasama Kasama City Ibaraki Prefecture
Japan Heritage/Architecture/Shrine/Temple