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Ancestral graveyard of the Kasama clan

Japan Heritage
The Kasama clan had governed the Kasama district (areas in and around what is now Kasama City in Ibaraki Prefecture) for over roughly 380 years (or 18 generations) since the Kamakura period (1185 - 1333).
In the graveyard, there are 18 stone markers of various sizes, which are thought to be tombstones of the lords of the Kasama clan. The names of the lords are not clear, but it is said that the Hokyōin pagoda in the front center of the graveyard is dedicated to the first head of the Kasama clan, Kasama Tokitomo. The graveyard was re-organized by volunteers from Kasama City in 1934, and has been designated a cultural property by the city.
782 Kataniwa Kasama City Ibaraki Prefecture
Japan Heritage